A wedding is lived 3 times, when dreaming, planning and when remembering it, and for this, the decoration of it will be an essential part.

In other pages of our website, you can see the special floral decoration and lighting services, which of course, are part of the decoration but deserve a special chapter.

So, what encompasses the decoration of a wedding if we already have the flowers and the lighting? Well, many aspects that we should not leave aside such as:

The furniture elements for the ceremonies: like altars,lecterns, sidewalks, benches, special chairs, arches, structures, compositions with fabrics, setting of the altar where you say yes, etc…

Take away of fans, umbrellas, hats, welcome drinks for before and after the ceremony, decoration of food stations, wooden beach bars and a large number of settings to make the aperitif time before the big event more enjoyable.

Special chairs for the bride and groom, dream table runners, tablecloths designed and made just for you, napkin decoration, nice gifts compositions for your guests ... tell us what you want and we will make it happen.

And for the party, how about a fun photocall for you to take some fun photos to have on your album? Or a great lounge area so your guests can rest between dance and dance, a special bar for a cocktail area or special drinks, or an area conditioned to leave the precious shoes of your guests and that they can comfortably put on some ballet shoes or "espardeñas" that you have bought especially for them.

Can you imagine for your little one's party an area with tippys to play at their leisure, but without putingaside this special touch that gives a good decoration. Or a Chill Out area to make the presentation of your new product more relaxed. Or thematize a birthday with giant numbers with dimmable light.

We will start by analyzing the place where you are going to celebrate your event in Mallorca, the character you want to give it, what you want to transmit and we will work side by side with you so the decoration of the area is as you want and that both you and your guests are left amazed with the result, without, for this, you have to worry about the day or days of the event of anything regarding the decoration.

Do not hesitate, from Bombillas y Flores, we can decorate all your events in Mallorca. Get in touch with us by phone, email or contact form.

Integral decoration

Decoration is one of the most important parts of events and weddings. For your event or wedding in Mallorca to be perfect you need a suitable decoration, and for that there is no one better than Bombillas y flores. It does not matter if it is a professional event or a private event, we are specialists in getting you out with a smile thanks to our professional services. Let us be part of it, we will make what you have always dreamed of come true for your big day!

At Bombillas y Flores we like to take care of all the details so that your weddings and events go perfectly. We are the first to arrive and the last to leave, until your wedding is 100% decorated we will not disappear, we have the mission, professional and personal, to make all your guests be delighted with the decoration of your wedding in Mallorca. If for you decoration is an essential part of your event, you are in the right place. At Bombillas y Flores we believe that decoration is one of the essential parts for your event in Mallorca and nothing can be left to chance. Whether it is a private event: weddings, baptisms, communions, birthdays, special or business celebrations, conventions, press conferences, presentations, the decoration of the areas where you are going to hold your event are of utmost importance so that reflect what you want to project




Chill outs


Wood structures

Iron structures





Special corners & stands


Kids partys






 Shoes parking

Pamela’s hat parking


Lighting is one of the most important parts of weddings, which is why we offer countless lighting services for weddings and events in Mallorca. In our professional lighting services we offer from garlands to chandeliers, spotlights and adjustable lights so that your wedding will be a light show that will fascinate the guests at the event.

Seeing the glowing bride and groom entering in their wedding banquet under a sky of led light garlands, or marking with colorful lights the path that leads to the reception of a business event and make it spectacular with proven reliability is what we offer in Light Bulbs and Flowers. We are experts in bringing to our clients the most outstanding services and the latest news in the sector, the most cutting-edge and least polluting in lighting services in Mallorca. We adapt to your tastes and offer you a large catalog of services. From lighting of more classic weddings to lighting for the more modern or avant-garde in Mallorca. Everything is possible if you trust our professional team. We offer our clients a large number of lighting products to make your events become a show of light and color.

And from Bombillas y Flores we offer a wide range of styles and prices to leave everyone open-mouthed on the big day, the day of your wedding in Mallorca.

In a Majorcan wedding you cannot miss the garlands, popularly called verbena style or festoon lights, which are made up of a lampholder and a light bulb. Which can be of different watts, depending on the environment, number of guests or the taste (dale una vuelta a esto que suena raro) of the bride and groom. Warmer and more romantic as an atmosphere, or a little more powerful to be able to see properly during the banquet. All our garlands are watertight, that means that if on your wedding day for a little while, the atmospheric phenomena did not accompany us, the garland lighting can be left aside so you can return to plan A when necessary.

These garlands can be installed in many different ways, in a zig-zag style, in a circus shape, hung from props provided by Light Bulbs and Flowers or places where they can be hooked that are in the place of the event. This lighting is ideal to give a rustic and Mallorcan touch to your wedding, without neglecting the warm effect they produce, both in the banquet area, aperitif and, why not, in an outdoor disco area. Everything is possible!

And what about the LED garlands that have become fashionable in recent years? A sky of little lights as stars (fairy lights) that will make your wedding party or banquet area with this light a dreamy, romantic and warm place.

Chandeliers are a classic that will never be out fashioned, crystal chandeliers with dim, candle-shaped bulbs that look fantastic both at an outdoor or indoor wedding in Mallorca. To light up a banquet, give a luxurious touch to your chill-out area or why not, to perform your first dance as married under a spectacular structure with four wonderful chandeliers that will make your guests never forget your wedding in Mallorca

And what do you think about the light curtains? it is the latest trend, whether it is behind your bridal table at your wedding banquet, for a cool photocall with props for your guests to take photos, or simply to set an area of the location of your wedding that we want to enhance. They will always be a great success. And do not worry about the size you want to cover, we have up to 8 meters HIGH !! So do not hesitate to ask us about this latest trend.

From Bombillas y flores, we are specialists in making wooden letters with dimmable light, can be the word LOVE  or your initials, anything is possible. Your wedding in Mallorca will be a total success with them, both the couple and the guests will enjoy taking photos and interacting with these super letters

We have a department specialized in lighting for weddings in Mallorca. Miquel, our “Bombilla”, is a senior technician in electrotechnical and automated systems and will carry out a study of your lighting needs for your wedding, so what you have always dreamed of becomes a reality, with the greatest guarantees of success and with plans to scale so that during the process you can imagine how your spectacular lighting will look. On the day of the event, care will be taken that everything is correct so that it is a success and both your guests and you are amazed with the result.

And do not forget that at a wedding you can put the best flower arrangements, the best decoration, but without good lighting, it will not end up giving that wow effect !! that you wish for your great day. And from Bombillas y Flores we put a wide range of styles and prices so that it is possible to leave everyone open-mouthed on your big day, the day of your wedding in Mallorca.

Lighting is one of the most important factors to take into account when it comes to conducting an event. What climate do you want to create in the environment? What lighting services do you want to rent? from our company, Bombillas y Flores, and with our teams, we help you to decide properly All these types of decisions, and they will be used? to generate a suitable atmosphere in events in Mallorca.

With the event's lighting we aim to create feelings that fascinate both the organizers and the guests of the event. Our company has professional services that will make the atmosphere warm and pleasant for attendees. We have the most traditional and most avant-garde lighting rental services: From a Chandelier, which hangs in contact with the ceiling and will leave the participants fascinated, to spotlight rental services, in case the event is on an outdoor terrace.

In addition, we also have more avant-garde lighting services for those events that are considered appropriate. We offer you services as modernist as the Led Light rental. These type of decorative lights are highly appreciated for festive-toned events. We also have dimmable lights with which you can choose if you want the event in Mallorca to have more powerful lighting, ideal for moments like speeches or catering, or more faint, perfect for moments of dance.

From Bombillas y Flores we consider that lighting an outdoor event is not the same as lighting an event that takes place indoor. Each person will have a type of lighting as a preference for the events that take place in Mallorca. Our professional teams contact the organizers to offer them the lighting rental that we consider more appropriate for each type of event.

All of this will depend especially on the place where the event takes place: the spaciousness, the atmosphere and the distribution. Many companies don’t give the importance to rent light for the event in Mallorca, and this can end up ruining your event, either for a lack of prediction or due to the lack of lighting rentals. In Bombillas y Flores we take seriously those services for the events, whatever they are: business events, private party, functions and ceremonies, expositions, fairs and exhibitions…because of that we are considered as guarantee for the lighting perfection during the events.

For our company, the client contact is imperative at the time to rent the lighting for the event, this makes it easy to create a personal service and adequate for each taste. We know not everyone has the same tastes, because of this it is important to offer a range of lighting services for your events in Palma de Mallorca. This is what precisely we offer from our company: the guarantee of the lighting in your professional and personal events will be perfect for every kind of taste.

Festoon light

Fairy light sky and curtains

Star sky


Illuminated numbers


Dimmable light

Ambient lighting

Illuminated letters

Floral details are never superfluous at an event, and even more at a wedding. Whether they are flowers, greens, plants, branches ... depending on the style of your wedding, we will design the different parts of your event in Mallorca so that they are part of it.

In Mallorca we have a very special climate, so from Bombillas y Flores we will recommend which are the flowers that best suit your wedding style, depending on the season of the year, the style you want and the budget you have.

The ceremony

It is the most formal part of your wedding, either is a religious or civil ceremony, we must keep in mind that a good floral decoration will be an important part so that your photos as a future marriage come out as you have wished, and so that your guests can have a first impression of what the rest of the event will be like.

For religious ceremonies we will take into account:

  • Composition for the altar.
  • Small bunches for the pews.
  • Decorative compositions for the entrance to the church.
  •  Decoration for the bridal vehicle.

For civil ceremonies we will consider:

  • Composition for the altar area, either with arches, structures, wall garlands ...
  • Small bunches for the chairs.
  • Decorative compositions for the entrance.


From Bombillas y Flores we take care of your event in detail, so we will have to take into account a small detail for the aperitif tables, a garland for the seating plan still lives for take-away or any area that you would like to have a floral detail, we make it possible.



This is where we let our imagination run wild. Classic, modern, rustic, vintage, spectacular centrepieces... anything is possible. We have a large assortment of bases and materials to make your dreams of floral decoration for your wedding in Mallorca come true. Tell us what you would like and we do it.

When the bride makes her entrance, one of the best kept secrets of a wedding is revealed, the dress. And a significant part of the outfit is your bouquet.

Whether you are a classic, modern, daring, chic, vintage bride ... we can make your ideal bouquet.

Through different examples and depending on your dress and the decorative set of your wedding, we will create a special bouquet, just for you. You are the protagonist and you must wear what you have always dreamed of on the most important day of your life.

But we should not leave out the other part of the binomial, the groom. The man you're going to marry, the person you're going to wake up to every morning, and probably the father of your future children. He is also very important today and that is why we are going to advise you on what type of flower he can wear to be the most elegant groom in the world.

The groom's buttonhole is the badge that will let all the guests know who he is. In addition, the protocol dictates that both groom and groomsman must wear the same flower on the lapel, in the same way that the groom's flower must be the same type and color as the bride's bouquet ...

Flower crowns, bouquets for your bridesmaids, bouquets for gifts ... everything that has always excited for your big day, we will take it into account, so do not hesitate to ask us about it.

A lot of flowers mixed up? Don't worry, that's why we are at Bombillas y Flores, to help you do what we like the most, organize and decorate weddings with flowers ...

Floral design

At Bombillas y Flores we are specialized in decorating weddings with flowers, centrepieces and a host of original arrangements that will make your wedding the envy of future brides. For your wedding, one of the most important things that you have to take into account is the originality of the decoration of this one, having more flowers, more ideas and more possibilities, it is, in the end, having higher quality in your wedding. Our role in your ceremony is to make your wedding the most beautiful of all weddings and for this, flower decoration is one of the most successful ideas.

Choosing your flowers, an important decision at your wedding In Bombillas y Flores we treat as a very important matter the choice of the type of flowers and centres that will decorate the different areas of the most important day of your life, that's why we like to take care of all the details, we are the first to arrive and the last to leave, until your wedding is 100% decorated we will not disappear, we have the mission, professional and personal, to make all your guests be delighted with the floral decoration of your wedding in Mallorca.

Floral arrangements for religious ceremonies 

Floral arrangements for civil ceremonies 

Bride bouquet


Bouquet for bridemaids

Flower crown


Flowers for ambience 

Discover our portfolio

And if you do not find what is in your mind, don't worry, call us! will be a pleasure for us to design a project for you.

Dossiers for professionals 2020

Weddings, that special and magical moment of which as a professional you are, you want everything to go as the clients want, you cannot allow anything to go wrong, or that any type of furniture is missing in the event. That is why, from Bombillas y Flores we give you all the possible facilities so that the furniture rental for your event in Mallorca is the ideal one.

Let’s talk!

The most artisan furniture

We offer you any type of furniture rental for Mallorca, from the most basic things, such as chairs or tables, essential for any type of event, to the rental of more complex structures, Chill Outs, bases for centerpieces, glassware for candles etc.


For all the professionals of the events sector in Mallorca, do not hesitate, in Bombillas y Flores you can count on all our rental services both for your business events (speeches, conferences, company parties) and for individuals (weddings, anniversaries, parties, communions).

In our 500 meters warehouse, you can find everything you need for your event in Mallorca. And you will always count on our help for what you may need, as we have our own workshop. And if what you have in mind we don't have, you order it from us and we will manufacture it for you. Do not hesitate to request our material dossier.

If something defines us in Bombillas y Flores it is that we like to work for events thinking that it is our own event.

 That is as if we were working for ourselves. And if it were your own event, we would like to have the best materials and the most suitable furniture for each occasion. Therefore, we have our own workshop where we prepare the best rental services for your events in Mallorca, whether they are weddings, events for individuals or business events.

The question you should ask yourself is what type of furniture should I rent for my clients? Get in touch with us and come visit our showroom. There we will talk about the ideas you have for the rental of furniture for your wedding and from there we get to work, offering you first quality materials or building what you had thought and you cannot find for your big event.

We want for the events we hold in Mallorca to go perfectly.

 The decoration is our job, we want you to be confident that we will prepare the best setting for your events. For this reason, we have the furniture rental service for any type of event that you can think of, either private events or business events. We rent furniture and decoration for parties, weddings, anniversaries, conferences, corporate , conventions and everything you can think of.

All the type of furniture we offer for renting is handcrafted by us in our workshop. There you can choose between the infrastructures and furniture that we have prepared for rent at events in Mallorca. From chairs and tables, to fabrics, arches, doors and other wooden and iron infrastructures.

In addition, we have prop rental so that your private and professional events have the distinctive touch that your clients will surely appreciate. What interests us is that you leave satisfied and that you can be calm in the atmosphere aspect on the day of your event, both you and your guests.

Do not hesitate, contact us and we will discuss what your need




Wood structures

Iron structures


Methacrylate plaques

placas de metacrilato para cubrir la piscina
Pista de baile placas de metacrilato

Our methacrylate plaques are perfect as a pool cover, and make it part of the dance floor, as a walkway or as part as the ceremony altar, and they can have the profile illuminated

Imagine yourself dancing above the water and light!

placas de metacrilato como pasarela