Every love story has a beginning ...

And for us, who have the pleasure of taking part in many love stories, it was in 2014 when we said yes to each other and decided to set up our own decoration, setting and lighting company for events.

For our wedding, we wanted a decoration and a setting with accessories that reflected our personality, which was only for us, and it was from that moment on, working side by side with the design of what we wanted, when we realized that working together wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

So, since the autumn of 2014, we started to build our dream of creating a company that would be familiar, young, innovative, willing to work, to listen and propose new ideas and ways of creating ephemeral spaces. We always try to be at the forefront of the sector, whether for weddings or any type of event.

Our work begins with a meeting, without any kind of commitment, at our facilities in the Polígono de Son Rossinyol, in Palma de Mallorca. This is where we began to draw up an initial idea of what you wanted and where you can currentlysee part of our material in the showroom area. From that moment we proceed to make a personalized project, with ideas, examples, scale plans and budgets so you can have the overall idea of the project. And we are shaping it, according to your needs during the previous months. So once the B day arrives you can see everything that we have been creating for months carried out

session pareja
logo bombillas y flores blanco

After several brainstorming sessions, we came to the conclusion that the best thing that represented us as a company were the lighting and decorations that we had done for some years under another name. From that moment on we used the word bulb and the word flower. It was love at first sight and the faithful definition of both of us

La bombilla

Miquel, a senior technician in electrotechnical and automated systems, has always been linked to the electricity sector. He is the thinking-head of the binomial.

“When Cata told me that he wanted some giant illuminated letters for our wedding, I started to surf the internet, looking at the reference websites in the United States for decoration and I saw before me a whole world in the themes of lighting and great materials for events. Something I would have never thought of before.

I like working with wood, creating in my workshop all the materials that are made out of it, such as chill outs, structures, giant letters… lighting is my passion, I design the settings of the locations, trying to innovate and offer the client the best for their event and being open to new concepts in great ephemeral stagings.

hombre con bombilla
mujer ramo de proteas y eucalipto

Photography by Laura Jaume

La flor

Cata, graduated in protocol and events organization, the visible face of the binomial.

“I have been working in the event industry since 2013, when I finished my degree, doing an internship in a Majorcan wedding planner company, where I developed a passion for the area of decoration that I have been experiencing since I was very young. I always wished that some special date would come when I would be able to decorate the family house, the birthdays of the family members, Christmas with the tree, the table, light the candles, but I would have never thought that my passion would become my profession.

 Together with our team of professionals we create the ideal scenario for you; The day of your event you can enjoy together with your guests everything you would have imagined for that day. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to have you in our showroom with a good cup of coffee to start planning the scenario of your event. .

foto de pareja
Cata & Miguel
encendiendo velas fotografia vis and co